Tips For Recognizing An Emerald Ash Borer Infestation In A Tree

Emerald ash borers are an invasive species of beetles that have spread to many states across the country. These beetles infest ash trees and eventually kill them if the tree is not properly treated. Most homeowners do not want to deal with a dead tree and having it removed, so recognizing an emerald ash borer infestation and having an infested tree treated as quickly as possible is essential. Having a tree treated for an emerald ash borer infestation is much easier and more cost effective than having a tree removed and replacing it with a new tree. [Read More]

Two Reasons Why Tree Trimming Services Are So Important

A tree-lined lot is a beautiful sight to behold. The trees provide nourishing shade when the sun is beaming down at it's fullest and give you a wonderful place to relax and take in a good book when it's cool outside. When you have a lot of trees in your yard it comes with an extra dose of responsibility. Not only do you have to maintain the grounds by keeping the grass at an acceptable level but you also must care for the trees themselves. [Read More]

Professional Landscape Care Assistance

A beautiful landscape can do wonders for the appeal of the exterior of a house. There is also the possibility for the landscape to give a house more value and marketability when it comes to selling it. One of the downfalls of having a beautiful landscape is the responsibility of keeping it in a healthy condition, which can be a struggle for a busy homeowner. Fortunately, you have the option of hiring a professional to take care of your landscape duties to keep your property healthy and appealing. [Read More]

Prevent Bark Damage On Trees

Trees need their bark to protect the inner vascular tissues that move water and nutrients throughout the plant. If they lose too much bark, particularly if the loss completely circumnavigates the trunk, then the tree will die because it can no longer transport those needed nutrients. This deadly condition is called girdling. The following can help you prevent that from happening. Animal damage Deer, rodents, and other animals often chew bark or scratch at it to sharpen claws, which can lead to girdling. [Read More]